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 Welcome to my English 3201-003 Class Portofilio   







                  Hey welcome to my portofolio my name is  Angel J. Trinidad. I'm 19 years old and I live in Cayey, Puerto Rico. I'm currently making a degree on Communications  in Tecnologuy with a Concentration in Audio and Video in the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao. I believe that God love everyone, Respect for others, Friendship, Love, Kindness and bieng humble. One I want to create amanzing videos, show and movies that people will enjoy and change their mind how they look  at the world. Since I was a little boy I always play Volleyball and Dance. I study in "Escuale Vocacional Benjamin Harrison" in Cayey. My goal in life are to work in the cinematography industry, especially in directing, editing or behind of the camera, with big film companies, like Walt Disney Studios, South Korean Animation Studio and so many more! However, I also see myself working as a communicator and photographer in the entertainment industry. All I know is that my short termns goals are to graduete and obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Communications, and to move  to Orlando, Florida. Here, I'm planning to do my Master's Degree in Full Sail University, on Cinematography, while working in a radio station to earn money. My Far Future plans are to travel the places I always wanted to go, work in what I love and enjoy life.





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